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Can I request that my host be a particular race or color?
No. Global Student Services, USA has a policy of non-prejudice with regard to race, creed,
color or religion. In coming to Los Angeles, you must remember….LA is one of the most
diverse cities in the United States. Therefore, our hosts are also of varying backgrounds, race,
color and religion and each host is equally respected. You must be open-minded and accepting
in order to have the most enjoyable homestay experience.

How close to the school does the Homestay live?
We have many hosts to choose from throughout the Los Angeles area. Students are placed
within 1-15 miles of their school campus and have access to public transportation. In order to
ensure that you have one of our more preferable locations, it is on a first come – first served
basis. That means you would need to apply as soon as possible to Global Student Services,

Is there public transportation nearby?
Yes, the majority of students rely on public transportation to get to and from school each day,
it is very rare to be within walking distance of school. We do try to keep students as close to
school as possible.

How long will it take to commute to the school?
The commute should be no longer than 50-60 minutes, worse case scenario (depending on
traffic) bus ride, usually less, again, we try to keep you as close as possible. Of course, traffic
affects the travel time. Flexibility in your preferences can play a big part in the distance to

What are the household rules?
Hosts are asked to be specific regarding their particular house rules. The guidelines should be
fair and reasonable.

May I have overnight guests?
Each host is different with regard to house rules. Some do not mind overnight stays as long as
they are of the same gender and you have the hosts permission. Some allow an occasional
visitor or study group. You should always check with your host before allowing anyone into
their home.

Am I expected to do any chores?
The only chore most hosts require is that you pick-up (clean up) after yourself and maybe assist
with meal clean up. The host is not a maid. The host will provide clean linen. Personal
laundry, including your bedding is your responsibility. The cleaning up of your room and
bathroom is your responsibility. You will discuss this topic with your host once you have

Will I have internet access/service?
Yes, internet (wi-fi) will be available to you, but you must have your own computer. Each
homestay will have different rules about use, so please check with your host. In most cases,
students will not be allowed to download movies or other things that may use a lot of bandwith.

Will I have a private phone line?
No. Most students have cell phones. If you need to use the hosts phone for any reason, please
get their permission first. Any charges you incur, you will have to pay for.

Will I have a semi/private bathroom?
Some homestays have semi/private bathroom and others have shared bathrooms.
Unfortunately Global can not guarantee a semi/private bathroom. There are additional fees to
reserve a homestay with a semi/private bathroom. If you pay for a semi/private bathroom and
your homestay does not have that available, your additional fees will be refunded.

Are there other students in the household?
In many homestays, there are no other students in the same household. Some of our homestays
do host other students. If being the only student in the household is a requirement of yours,
please state that on your application. Global Student Services, USA will do our best to
accommodate you.

Is there a curfew?
Curfew will be discussed with your Homestay once you arrive. If you are under 18 years old,
curfew by law is 10:00pm, but may be earlier for your host.

Are there any pets in the house?
Most American families have one or two pets as part of their household. Again, if you do not
mind pets, or if you specifically do not want a Homestay with animals, you must specify your
preference on your application. (Global will do our best to oblige you, but again, it is on a first
come first served basis.)

Why does the host wish to house a student?
All of our homestays are interviewed and vetted. My opinion is, that our homestays appreciate
the cultural exchange and enjoy having students in their home.

What is the primary language spoken in the house?
We request of our homestays that only English be spoken to our students while in their home.
(Most of our students come to the United States to improve their English skills and speaking
their own language or another language, would defeat that purpose.) Many hosts do speak
other languages and that should be respected as well, but we do expect it to be kept to a
minimum in front of the student.

What is the religious orientation of the household, and will the hosts have any
expectations of my own religious activities?
As most Americans are of varying Ethnicity their religious orientation is a question that we do
not ask. Global Student Services, USA has a policy of non-prejudice with regard to race,
creed, color or religion. Should the issue of religious practices come up, it should be discussed
with your Homestay upon your arrival or with a representative of Global Student Services,
USA prior to your arrival. We feel that religion should play no part in homestay.

Does the household observe any dietary practices or restriction?
Global Student Services, USA makes a concerted effort to match our students as close as
possible to their Homestay. With regard to any dietary practices or restrictions, if this is a
requirement, you must specify what your needs are on your application.

If meals are included in the monthly fee, and if I don’t like the food, may I get a rate
adjustment and cook my own meals?
Meal rate adjustments are done on an individual basis. If Global Student Services, USA deems
that an adjustment should be made, and is accepted by the host, an adjustment will be made.

What will the Homestay company do if I am not happy with the family with whom I have
been placed?
If there is a problem with the host, we require an attempt, between you and the host, to resolve
the issue. Communication between you and the host can usually resolve any issues that may
arise. If you wish to have Global Student Services assist you in a resolution, we would be
happy to do so…just contact our office and we can discuss the matter. If the matter can not be
resolved, then we will move you to another host, upon availability. Students should only
request to move if absolutely necessary. There may be a charge for the move.

Is smoking allowed in the house?
Most homestays do not allow smoking in the home, some allow outside only, and some, not at
all. Please specify on your application whether or not you smoke.

Will someone meet me at the airport?
Arrangements for pick up or alternate transportation will be made by our office, based on your
request. You and the host will be advised as necessary.

This information can be very helpful for you to understand what to expect. Please take a moment to read it.

Thank you,