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Here are a few Testimonials

"I enjoy her cooking most of all.  She is a great listener and I really enjoy having conversation with her at dinner table. 

I also like the neighborhood area.  You can walk to grocery store and other shopping areas.  I really enjoy my homestay!"
Keiko from Japan

"Actually, my host family is helpful for me. Clean room, nice furniture. I am satisfied with life here."
Takashi of Japan

"It's a very good experience to live with my host. She is a really nice woman. From her children educational background, I could know they were well educated by her.
On the other way, her house is very beautiful and I have a comfortable room that is bigger than mine in Taiwan. Anyway,it's an awesome experience for me."
Dong of Taiwan

'She is kind, talktative and very nice. She cooks well, I like her food very much!. And she always tells some culture and introduce the nice place
for me to go." Ka Yan of Hong Kong

"My host is very very nice lady. She is friendly and gives me so much useful and inspiring advise. I like her food very much.
Her house is clean. I enjoy staying with her so much!" Mak S of Hong Kong

"My host family respects different culture and they were nice to me. On the weekends I spent time with them going to the movies together. My host mother is too busy
to make meals every day, but I like cooking, so it's not a problem for me. It is good that I could have my individual time. The location is good. I could go to school riding
the bike in about 15 minutes. Mayu I from Japan

"The host family was really friendly. The host mom took me to some beautiful and famous places, which was really exciting.
I definitely enjoyed my time here." Ekaterina S from Russia

"My host family is perfect. Everything was good."
Anonymous from Korea

"I like my host famiy very much becasue they are so warm. They help me as counselors. They introduced some interesting places
to go. When their relatives come to the house, I joined in their conversation and enjoy myself. My host family makes me pleased.
I like to have dinner with them and talk to them. Their cat & dogs are also sweet. Although I'm busy for studying, and I
don't have enough time talking with them, they always care about me." Reiko from Japan

"They always try to help as best as the could. They even took me to church when I wanted to go. I enjoy living with them, especially
the wonderful dinner!" Hiensen from Indonesia

"They are nice, friendly, respectful. I got to know some of their family members during Christmas".
Hardy from Singapore

"The homestay I live, it's a very warm family. I like them. They look like my family. We eat dinner together, talk with each
other. If I have something wrong, they will help me. I think they will be my good friends."
Jing from China